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本文摘要:近年来,高考英语书面表达尤其注重对中国传统文化的考察,所以,提前积累这方面的知识是十分须要的。正所谓,只有大量的输入才气有更好地输出。故而,小天特意整理了与中国传统文化相关的范文及必备词汇,分享给宽大高三考生,为大家冲刺高考英语高分作文助力。 (一)假定你是李华,正在教你的英国朋侪Leslie学习汉语。请你写封邮件见告下次上课的计划。 内容包罗:1.时间和所在;2.内容:学习唐诗;3.课前准备:简要相识唐朝的历史。






Dear Leslie,How are you? Glad to see you have made some progress in learning Chinese. I'm writing to tell you something about our next lesson.The lesson will be given from 3 pm to 5 pm on the afternoon of next Tuesday in classroom 502. In the class, you will mainly be studying Tang Poetry, which reflects traditional Chinese culture and is very important to Chinese people. You can understand the beauty of Chinese by studying Tang Poetry. Make sure to prepare before class and have at least a basic understanding of the history of the Tang Dynasty. This will make it easier for you to do well in the class.If there is anything I can help you with, please don't hesitate to let me know. Looking forward to meeting you.Yours sincerely,Li Hua.(二)假定你是李华,想邀请外教Henry一起观光中国剪纸(paper-cutting)艺术展。请给他写封邮件,内容包罗:1.展览时间、所在;2.展览内容。

注意:1.词数100左右;2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。Dear Henry,I'm Li Hua, the head of the paper-cutting club at our school. Last time, you told me you were looking forward to learning more about traditional Chinese culture. Well, I'm glad to tell you there will be a Chinese paper-cutting exhibition at our school. I really hope you can set aside some time for the event.The exhibition, the theme of “Which Is the Beauty of China,” will take place in the school hall from 2 to 5 on the afternoon of June 21. Not only will our club's art be displayed, but we also have a valuable set of paper-cuts created by a famous artist in this field. Besides, there will be many useful and interesting activities, from which you can have a clearer picture of Chinese culture.I hope you will accept my invitation. I'm sure the exhibit will leave a wonderful impression on you! I'm looking forward to your reply.Best wishes!Yours,Li Hua(三)假定你是李华,你们学校正举行”校园文化周"运动,请你写一份封电子邮件,邀请Tom去体验编织艺术,内容包罗:1. 发出邀请并简述原因;2. 论述运动的内容(相识编织艺术的历史:1000多年;寓目编织艺术的展览;用竹子编椅子,窗帘,装饰品);3. 约定与Tom晤面的时间和所在;4. 期待对方的回复。Dear Tom,Here's a piece of good news. The Campus Culture Festival will be this Friday. Since you have a strong passion for Chinese folk art, it's my honor to invite you to join us.The activity is scheduled to last approximately two hours, from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm in the school hall. It will cover a wide variety of content. We can appreciate beautiful weaving in the many chairs and decorations on show, and we'll watch a documentary about the history of weaving.In addition, some distinguished professors will be invited to deliver a lecture about how to promote the development of weaving, during which time you will definitely gain a better understanding of it. If you are available, we'll meet at three outside the school gate.I hope you'll accept my invitation! Your timely reply would be highly appreciated.Yours,Li Hua(四)如果你叫李华,你的美国笔友Tom对中国的传统节日很是感兴趣。他想请你先容你最喜欢的一个节日,如中秋节、端午节、春节等,你通常是怎么庆祝的,以及你喜欢这个节日的原因。

请你凭据他的问题回复邮件。提示词语:eat, get together, share, happy, specialDear Tom,I'm glad to hear that you are interested in traditional Chinese festivals.My favorite festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It usually comes in September or October. On that day, our family members usually get together and have a nice meal. After that, I always watch the moon and share mooncakes with my family.I love this festival because I like eating mooncakes, which are shaped like the full moon. They represent people's expression of love for their family. In short, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a day of enjoyment and happiness.I hope that my letter will help you appreciate Chinese festivals even more.Yours,Li Hua必备词汇传统的:traditional节日:festival文化:culture农业国家:agricultural country工业国家:industrialized country茶室:tea house京剧:Peking Opera木偶戏:Puppet Show掩护中国传统文化:protect traditional Chinese culture。